Constitution & Child Protection


H&MWC Club Constitution, Nov. 2015 (amended following AGM 2017: Clause 8.3 and Virtual AGM 2020: clauses 5.1, 5.3 and 6.1)

1.0     Name:
1.1     The name of the Club shall be:  HILL AND MOUNTAIN WALKING
          CLUB, hereinafter referred to as the “Club".

2.0     Objectives of the Club:
2.1     To promote the interests of hillwalking and mountaineering
          amongst Members of the Club.
2.2     To provide the kindredship of the hills.
2.3     To act on behalf of and in the interests of Club Members.
2.4     To promote awareness of the need to maintain access to, and
          the conservation and protection of the mountain and
          wilderness environment.
2.5    To support the work and activities of the British Mountaineering
         Council, hereinafter referred to as the “BMC”.

3.0     Membership of the Club:
3.1     Membership of the Club shall be open to all individuals, of
          eighteen years of age and over, upon nomination by two
          currently paid up Members, each of at least one year’s
          standing. Membership shall be deemed to be effective at
          any time during the year upon payment of the appropriate
          annual membership subscription.
3.2     In addition to Sub-Clause 3.1 above the Membership of the
          Club shall only be open to individuals who recognise that
          climbing and mountaineering are activities involving a risk
          of danger, personal injury or death. Members shall be
          aware of, and accept these risks, and agree to be
          responsible for their own actions and involvement. Candidates
          for membership must be proficient hill persons, able to look
          after themselves and show care and consideration to others.
          Also they must be aware of conservation issues and willing to
          participate in protection of the wild lands of the United
          Kingdom and any other countries visited.
3.3     Club Membership is not open to individuals under eighteen
          years of age.
3.4     Members acknowledge and agree that they will become
          Affiliated Club Members of the BMC and that the Club shall pay
          the appropriate subscription on behalf of each Member,
          resident in the United Kingdom, included in the return filed by
          the Club with the BMC, and, in the event of the BMC being
          wound up, shall pay the sum of not more than one pound
          sterling on behalf of each Member included in a return, filed
          by the Club, with the BMC at any time within the preceding
          period of one year pursuant to the guarantee comprised in
          Clause 6 of the Memorandum &: Articles of Association of the
          BMC. Members are to further acknowledge and agree that upon
          the Club being affiliated to the BMC each Member will
          therefore become an Affiliated Club Member of the BMC
          and that they will each be bound by the Memorandum &:
          Articles of Association of the BMC.

4.0     Management of the Club:
4.1     The Management of the Club shall be entrusted to the Club
          Committee, hereinafter referred to as the "Committee".

5.0     Officers of the Club:
5.1     The elected Officers of the Club, hereinafter referred to as the
          “Officers”, shall be the Chair, Vice Chair, Secretary, Treasurer
          Area Co-ordinators, Journal and Web Editors and Adviser(s)
          on protection and welfare of young and vulnerable persons. 
5.2     Voting for the election of Officers shall take place at the Annual
          General Meeting, hereinafter referred to as the “AGM”.
          Nominations must be proposed and seconded from fully paid
          up Members.
5.3     All Officers and any other Members of the Committee are to be
          appointed for one year and subject to re-election at the AGM.
          The maximum term of office for the Chair shall be three
          consecutive years, with a minimum break of one year before
          being eligible for re-election.

6.0     Committee of the Club:
6.1     The Chair will normally preside at, and chair, all meetings of
          the Committee and Club and shall be responsible for reporting
          to the Membership at the Club's AGM.
6.2     The Committee shall be composed of the Officers of the Club
          and up to four additional Club Members, elected by the
          Membership at the AGM.
6.3     The Committee may nominate representatives of the Club to
          attend BMC Area Meetings and represent the views of the
          Membership and may nominate a representative to attend the
          BMC AGM.
6.4     The Club Secretary shall be responsible for all correspondence
          relating to Club affairs and for announcing Committee
          Meetings, plus the production and distribution of minutes from
          those meetings. The Secretary shall also be responsible for
          announcing the AGM and shall give at least thirty clear days
          notice of such a Meeting and its Agenda. Items for inclusion
          should be submitted at least forty five days prior to the AGM.
          The Secretary shall keep records regarding the Membership of
          the Club and shall report to the BMC the size of the
6.5     The Treasurer shall be responsible for the collection of
          subscriptions and will account for any other income and
          expenditure made on behalf of the Club. The Treasurer shall be
          responsible for the payment of the Membership Subscription to
          the BMC and the Insurance premium if this option is taken up.
6.6     The Committee shall have the power to co-opt additional non-
          voting Members.
6.7     The Committee can propose Members, and in exceptional cases
          Non-Members, for Honorary Membership, for election by the
          Membership at an AGM.

7.0     Meetings of the Club:
7.1     The AGM of the club shall be held in October or November. All
          items to be considered at the AGM must be notified to the
          Secretary prior to the meeting (see Sub-Clause 6.4 above). The
          Treasurer will be required to present a Statement of Club
          Accounts and recommend subscription levels for the following
          year. Reports from Officers and a proposed programme of
          meets shall be presented. No minimum quorum is set and a
          simple majority of votes cast by those present will suffice on
          all items of business, and in the event of a tie the Chairperson
          shall have the casting vote. This does not apply in regard to
          the dissolution of the Club (see Clause 11),
7.2     At the AGM Members will elect an Auditor who will be
          responsible for scrutiny and endorsement of the Club Accounts.
7.3     Extraordinary General Meetings of the Club can be called by
          the Committee or by more than one third of the Membership
          current at that time.  
8.0     Subscriptions:
8.1     The annual membership subscription shall be fixed at the AGM
          for the following calendar year commencing 1st January.
8.2     Separate rates of subscription may be set at the AGM for new
          and re-joining lapsed Members.
8.3     Subscriptions shall be paid to the Treasurer by the 31st January
          in the calendar year to meet the requirements of the BMC. If
          subscriptions are not paid by this date, the Member will be
          deemed to have terminated his/her membership. Any
          subsequent late payment of subscriptions shall be subject to
          that set out in Sub-Clause 8.2 above.

9.0     Club Rules:
9.1     The Committee shall have the power to set Club Rules.
          Such rules shall be in accordance with the articles of the
          Club Constitution and the policies of the BMC.
9.2     The aims of the Club are to provide an informal and friendly
          atmosphere for kindred spirits to enjoy the hills and mountains
          in company of others.  Rules will be minimal and the
          management of the Club is by consent. It is expected that
          those who no longer respect the aims of the Club will terminate
          their Membership.
9.3     If at any time the Committee considers, in the interests of the
          Club, they may suspend a Member whose attitude or behaviour
          they deem detrimental to the status or reputation of the Club.
          The suspended Member will be provided with a written
          explanation of their suspension and will have the right to
          appeal to an AGM in person, or by letter. If the Member
          accepts the decision, or if the appeal fails, then their
          membership will be terminated forthwith.
9.4     Upon ceasing to be a Member, such person forfeits all right to
          and claims upon the Club, its property and funds.  A Member
          expelled from the Club shall not be entitled to participate in
          any subsequent activity of the Club.
9.5     Young persons under 18 years of age may attend Club meets
          if they are accompanied by either a parent or adult Club
          Member acting in loco parentis for the specific young
          person(s). Any Member who is acting in loco parentis must
          have the consent of the parent / carer and have duly informed
          them, namely the parent / carer and young person, of the
          activities involved and all arrangements for the meet. The
          parent / carer or Member, in loco parentis, must return a Child
          Protection Declaration Form, duly signed, with their application
          for the meet.

10.0     Amendments to the Constitution of the Club:
10.1     This Constitution may be amended by a simple majority of
            Club Members at the AGM. Notice of any amendment must
            be delivered to the Secretary at least forty five days prior to
            the AGM.

11.0     Dissolution of the Club:
11.1     The Club can be dissolved by a two-thirds majority vote on a
            formal proposition. Such proposition must be notified to the
            Secretary at least one month in advance of an AGM or an
            Extraordinary General Meeting. The Committee will arrange
            to dispose of assets. Any liabilities at dissolution will be the
            joint responsibility of all Members.
November 2020

Hill and Mountain Walking Club
Child Protection/Safeguarding Policy/Guidelines

As members and in accordance with the BMC it is recommended that each affiliated club should have a child protection Policy.

This Policy is for guidance and information to protect children and support those who look after them.

A child is defined as an individual under the age of 18 (The Children’s act 1989).

The BMC Policy Statement:
The BMC recognises that all children have the right to be protected from harm and live in a safe environment.

The BMC has a duty of care to safeguard all children involved in BMC activities from harm. All children have the right to protection and the needs of children from all backgrounds and abilities must be taken into account.

The BMC will ensure the safety and protection of all children in its activities through adherence to its Child protection Policy and procedures.

The BMC will support anyone who in good faith reports his or her concerns that a child is at risk, or may actually be/being abused.
Membership to the Hill and Mountain Walking Club is for persons 18 years and above, but not to discourage those less than 18 years to attend meets / functions with their parents or other relatives who are acting in a position of "loco parentis"

It is not the remit of the club to supervise the activities of youth groups or to share the same accommodation as youth groups. However the welfare of any child attending a club meet is paramount and will underpin all guidance In accordance with our own constitution and membership age group it is not felt that we need to appoint a Youth Officer.

The BMC Document "Child Protection & Vulnerable Adults Policy and Guidelines" is very comprehensive and should be read along side this document, it can be found at:

The following pointers should be taken in to consideration by those members who are organizing meets/functions and also those who anticipate taking children under the age of 18 to a meet. It is important to remember that we do not know everyone’s background and these guidelines are to protect everyone.

Those taking children to a meet:

• Before attending a meet the parents (if not attending with the child) and the child should be made aware of the activities planned for that meet. Consent from parents and the child should be sought before participating in activities.

• The type of sleeping arrangements which are going to be available on the meet should be discussed.

• If a parent/guardian intends to join an activity without the child a suitable responsible adult should be specifically appointed by the parent to act as "loco parentis" for that period of time; (any one else and even the club could be liable should an incident occur). The child will need to know who this person is. It should not be assumed that "any member" of the club will take responsibility for the child in the absence of the parent/guardian.

• The child will not be made to participate in any activity they do not want to.

Those organising a meet / function:

• The Organiser should anticipate those who would normally attend with children and give them as much information as possible regarding the meet activities and sleeping arrangements.

• The Organiser should prompt those bringing children other than their own that they need to inform the child’s parents fully of all arrangements; (including sleeping arrangements).

• As far as is possible sleeping arrangements should be such that a "family" will be roomed in together and preferably on their own. This however will not always be possible due to certain venues having limited rooms. Consideration should be given to the choice of those sharing rooms if larger groups have to do this.

The BMC document goes into great detail on how to recognize and report any suspicions or disclosures of child abuse and this should be referred to if the situation arises. However below is a description of the four main types of abuse?

Where adults physically hurt or injure a child e.g. forcing a child to climb or train beyond their capabilities. Extreme cases- hitting, shaking, burning or biting.

This can occur when a child is constantly ridiculed, not encouraged or shown love. Unrealistic expectations from parents on what the child can achieve. This abuse often manifests itself in the form of bullying, a "win at all costs philosophy" intimidation.

This occurs when a child knowingly or unknowingly takes part in an activity which meets the sexual needs of an adult. It can be sexually suggestive comments to physical sexual activities.

This can occur when adults are failing to meet the child’s basic physical needs, warmth, food and medical attention. Children being left alone and unsupervised.

Child Protection Club Guidelines - Jan 2009
Child protection & Vulnerable Adults Policy and Guidelines - Aug 2007

Nick Colton
BMC Officer responsible for Child Protection.  Tel : 0870 010 4878


(Club Name Change Revision - October 2014)