Link Magazines and Awards

Below is a 'clickable' link to all the past issues of the 'Link Magazine', which is the club's newsletter and a hard copy is issued to all members, periodically, as a 'coffee table' read. The magazine only survives by the supply of written material and the dedicated, time consuming hard work of the Editor.

The 'Link Magazine' contains articles about the various club meets, private trips, topics for debate, anecdotes, poems etc, basically anything of interest to other club members. The club is very fortunate to have some wonderful writers, but everybody has at least one article inside of them wanting to come out, no matter how good or badly it is written!

When the club was formed, the club meets were written up in a hard-backed 'Meets Book', but due to the geographical spread of members many meets were not written and was superseded by the Newsletter. The first Over the Hill Club Newsletter was produced in the winter of 1993, as a simple two-sided A4 sheet and on the 4th issue it became the 'Link Magazine' as a bumper (4-sided A4 sheets) Christmas edition in 1994. Over the years the number of pages grew and in the summer of 1997 became an A5 booklet for issue No 11 and on the 15th anniversary of the club became colour printed for issue No 26 in the summer of 2006.

On the 10th anniversary of the club, Editor Bob and Barbara Dawes kindly donated and initiated the annual  'Editor's Glass Award' of a crystal glass engraved with the club's logo for the best contribution to the magazine. From 2013, due to a bequest, the person(s) who submits the best contribution to the magazine, as judged by the editor, will be awarded the annual 'Jack Griffiths Literary Award', which will be an engraved whisky glass. See all the award winners at the foot of this page.

Below are 'links' to the back issues of the 'Link Magazine' and the original meets book, hopefully you will enjoy reading them.
Issue No 01 ----- Winter 1993

Meets Book : 1989 -1993

The Jack Griffiths Literary Award Winners:

2023 - Andrea Crighton
2022 - Issy Silkowski
2021 - Alan Mitchell
          A Wee Boat Trip to (and from) An Stac - Issue No 43
2020 - Lindy Griffiths
          Gibbs Hill Bunkhouse Meet - Issue No 42
2019 - Bernie Marshall (Posthumously)
          Me, May and Memories - Issue No 41
2018 - Hamish M. Brown
          To Hell on Holy Island - Issue No 40
2017 - Kirsten Paterson
           For her valuable contributions to
           the Link Magazine over many years.
2016 - Ann and Alvar Thorn
           Iceland Experience - Issue No 38
2015 - Gordon Green
          TGO 2015 How to feed a habit! - Issue No 37
2014 - John Hutchinson
           25 Years Up - Issue No 36
2013 - Marion Mitchell
          Teahouse Trek in Langtang, Nepal - Issue No 35

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The Editor's Glass Award Winners:

2012 - Tim Wood
            It’s A Long Way to Santiago - Issue No 34
2011 - Ann and Alvar Thorn
            An Insight Into Our Round of The Munros - Issue No 33
2010 - Sam Hackett
2009 - Bernie Marshall
            Lough Mask - Issue No 30
2008 - Steve Smith
2007 - Marion Mitchell
2006 - Steve Smith
            Steve Smith in Australia - Issue No 26
2005 - Michael Osborn
           An Amazon Experience - Issues No 25
2005 - John Hutchinson
           For his valuable contributions to
           the Link Magazine over many years.
           ie: Prize Crosswords - Issues No 16 &17
2004 - Tony Hardman
2003 - Phil Martin
            Second Time Lucky in the Pirineos - Issue No 21
2002 - Geoff Edler
             Fresh Snow and Glazed Rocks - Issue No 20
2001 - Pete Hirst
            "Top of the World, Ma!" - Issue No 18
2000 - Ron Smith
            For his valuable contributions to
            the Link Magazine over many years.
            ie: Wasdale Meet, 1999 - Issue No 16

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